eDynamo - Secure Magstripe and Contact Chip  
Bluetooth or USB 


Secure Magstripe and Contact Chip - Bluetooth or USB - Mobile/Desktop

eDynamo, MagTek's newest EMV/secure card reader authenticator, gives users the flexibility needed to securely accept a variety of payment card technologies. Whether accepting a traditional magstripe card or a contact EMV card, the eDynamo gives users the ability to connect via USB or Bluetooth® Smart, delivering one reader for mobile or stationary needs. This design leads to saving the user money on a single, low-cost, yet highly secure device.

The eDynamo offers the MagneSafe™ Security Architecture with the convenience of a Bluetooth interface. This powerful combination assures card data protection, transaction security and convenience needed to secure mobile applications with strong encryption and proven card authentication.

Product details

  • EMV L1 and L2 (Contact Only)
  • Rechargeable battery with 5-year life
  • Red/Green/Amber LED for status and LED for Bluetooth
  • Built-in lanyard
  • MagneSafe Security
  • Ergonomic design simplifies card swiping
  • Optional Docking Station
  • Convenient battery charging via USB - requires just a couple of hours for a full charge
  • Allows hundreds of card swipes between charges

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